We are the Transmission pros!

Common Problems signaling trouble with your vehicle's transmission:

  • Lack of response when putting the vehicle in gear
  • Will not reverse
  • Whining, Cluncking and Humming
  • Grinding or Shaking
  • Burning Smell
  • Gears Slipping

Transmission Services

If it is slipping, jerking, leaking, having shifting issues or the check engine light has come on, please call us to diagnose your problems. If you have a heart problem you contact your Cardiologist, if your vehicle's heart has a problem you contact the vehicle's cardiologist! Contact us today at (281) 342-4410 for more information on our Transmission Services!

Zurovec's is your transmission expert here in Richmond, Tx. We guarantee you the best possible service available and rebuild automatic and manual transmissions on most vehicles.

Have you had your transmission fluid checked lately? Have you had a specialist check for leaks? You may be driving with a leak and not even know it. A slow leak effects many cars and goes unnoticed and undiagnosed, however small leaks can escalate and cause cars to become undrivable, and worse, a fire hazard. When it comes to your transmission, have the specialists at Zurovec's Auto & Transmissioncheck your fluid levels regularly.